Bruce Shooting Onboard

Bruce Merwin Now

Bruce Merwin, armed with his camera and a subscription to Vanity Fair, sets his sights on Docent Fashion.

Docent Fashion

Hard-working docents give freely of their time and talent to make our visits to museums, parks, and historical sites wonderful. And these unselfish people are looking great! Watch for Bruce's new video, Docent Fashion. It's predecessor, The Docent, will be available again soon from Amazon Instant Video.

Family History Documentary

Over the years, filmmaker Bruce Merwin has produced many documentaries for others. Currently, when in a reflective mood, he chips away at his own family history documentary. The making of the documentary is a slow process that involves introspection and collaboration with relatives by way of numerous visits, emails, and phone calls. Here is one of the completed segments with history told by his Aunt Edna. And yes, that is Bruce holding the six-shooter.


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