Bruce Merwin, Filmmaker

Bruce Merwin at Lightner Museum

Bruce Merwin is a Florida independent filmmaker. He has worked in the entertainment industry since he was a teen.


Bruce Merwin was born into a Florida military family in 1951 on an Air Force base in Texas. While in high school in Miami, Bruce began working in theater and singing in a rock band. Acting and singing pursuits continued, interrupted by a four-year stint in the Navy. With help of the GI Bill, he was then able to obtain degrees in technical theater (Florida School of the Arts) and cinema production (Columbia College, Hollywood, California). He has since worked extensively as a camerman/DP with International Cinematographers Guild, as well as producing his own films.

Hooked on Cinema

In his spare time Bruce enjoys watching movies, talking about movies, and imagining new movies.

Personal Life

Bruce lives with his wife, Anne Merwin, in St. Augustine, Florida. They have one son, Louie Merwin, who is pursuing a career in public relations in New York City.


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